Welcome to Recycle, Texas!

Recycle, Texas welcomes you to one of the most beautiful and richly diverse states in our country.   Texas’ population is booming and many parts of its economy are expanding as more and more companies relocate here to take advantage of the many benefits the state offers.

However, with increasing population and industrial growth, environmental problems naturally follow.

In 1991, the Texas Legislature recognized that laws & regulations won’t protect the state’s environmental quality – and that it will take people themselves to care for it.

Using the slogan,  “Take Care of Texas,” CLEAN TEXAS 2000 involves all Texans — from the elementary school students to major petrochemical corporations —and encourages long-term commitments to reducing the pollution in Texas by 50 percent.  In addition to the range of technical assistance and public awareness benefits of joining CLEAN TEXAS 2000, members are individually recognized at the annual Texas Environmental Excellence Awards.

Since CLEAN TEXAS 2000 was created in 1992, citizens, businesses, and local governments have responded overwhelmingly to the call for a cleaner environment.   Texas industries have reduced toxic chemical releases by 31 percent between 1987 and 1994, and more than 130 communities offer curbside recycling which serves more than 1.5 million households.

Recycle, Texas is doing its own part to raise awareness of the need for prudent stewardship of our vast, but finite, natural resources, and we welcome you to participate in this effort with us.